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Personal Training:

 Each Personal Training program is built on your specific needing and targets, both in terms of time available and in terms of targets of postural correction, aesthetical and personal wellbeing..
You can choose between the Personal Training program on machines and the Personal Training program Matwork.
I suggest the choice of the Personal Training program to who wants to obtain ambitious results with a limited investment of time.
We can offer great Flexibility but there is no repayment or recovery for lessons cancelled within the 24 hours.


Twin is a Personal Training program to practice Pilates via a 2-people session.
Typical Twin is involving wife and husband or two partners in general that decide to add to the things they do together also the joint improvement of their body.
But it can be also two friends who decide to share Pilates in addition to friendship and getting fun out of it.
I suggest Twin to people tired to keep love away from fitness!!

Group Matwork:

 Matwork Classes is the most practiced way to do Pilates, even if it is  something coming more from modern Pilates Center needing than from the original project of Joseph Pilates.
Anyhow it is possible to achieve very good results via commitment, focus and discipline (not in this order!! You need them all!!!)
Our classes are between 3 and 10 participants.


we care quality first. Each session is 8 weeks long, 2 lessons per week, total 16 lessons. This formula is offering a very good cost balance but it also require an engagement from the Client in being constant with frequency. There is nor reimbursement  and nor recovery for lost lessons.

We are open from Monday to Friday 08.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. (only by appointment)

Here the list of our active Matwork Classes:
Tuesday :                          13.00 - 13.50
Monday-Wednesday:          19.00 - 19.50 (advanced intermediate)
Monday-Wednesday:          20.00 - 20.50 (advanced intermediate)
Thursday-Tuesday:             19.00 - 19.50 (intermediate/base)
Thursday-Tuesday:             20.00 - 20.50 (beginners)